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Monday, June 11, 2018

Tune-Up Time

After a fantastic week with the Cousin Crew, today I am back at home and returning to reality. Robby is home from school but Scott has a few more days to finish up before he begins his summer vacation. I'm looking forward to having everybody home, although I know that the excitement I feel will eventually be replaced with the frustrations that come from the extra dishes and household activity. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy the happy excitement while I'm feeling it. After all, it is a far more pleasurable emotion to experience.

I know that all of the boys are anxiously awaiting summer vacation. Robby has a lengthy list of summer adventures and Timmy is excited to have everybody home. This has been a difficult school year for Scott, and I know that he is anticipating a much needed break. Hopefully next year will be easier because I honestly don't know if he can handle another year like this one.

In anticipation of our summer fun, today I'm heading for a prosthetic tune-up. My valve broke when I was at the beach and I need to have it replaced. Thankfully I was able to remove the one from my water leg to make it through the weekend, but eventually I will need to use that leg again. (Of course, the rain has returned so swimming doesn't seem to be anything that will happening anytime soon.) 

While I am there I also need to start the process to order new liners. I hate the hoops that I must jump in order to receive the basic supplies necessary for my prosthetic, but right now it is the reality. If I start the process this week, hopefully I will have the liners by July. Of course, if my doctor doesn't adequately document my limb loss (which he has failed to do in the past) the timeline will be extended. Hopefully my  only liner will last that long.

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