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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shopping Fail

Waking up to feed Timmy every 90 minutes has left little time to accomplish much else. With the exception of going to doctors and dropping Robby  at school, I have become a hermit. Robby is too little and his feeding schedule is too regimented to take him into public spaces. Thankfully through internet shopping I have been able to keep up with our household and gift-giving needs.  The UPS truck is in my driveway on a daily basis, delivering everything from baby formula to Robby's summer wardrobe.

While I enjoy the convenience of shopping from the comfort of my couch, I have discovered some pitfalls. Specifically, the home pages of the major e-commerce sites should come with a warning label. Might I suggest something along the lines of "Shopping while sleep deprived could result in erroneous purchases?" 

Last week, while holding a swaddled Timmy in the middle of the night, I went online to find my Mom the perfect Mother's Day gift. Because she has done so much to help me during the past year, I wanted something special this year. I scoured her Pinterest page until I located the perfect gift, the suspended lounge chair she has been coveting.  Looking at the photo of the chair I immediately recognized the design. The lounge chair is nearly identical, only larger in scale, to Timmy's cradle swing. If you swapped out the mobile for an umbrella shade, they would be a matching set! I clicked through the photo and proceeded to order the chair.

Somehow, and I'm still a little confused about the specifics, I managed to order a total of four lounge chairs from two separate companies. When I learned of the mistake the next day I tried to cancel three of the loungers only to discover that they were all in fulfillment and set to ship. After the first chair arrived, I revealed the mistake to my Mom. I encouraged her to pick her favorite color and I would arrange for the return of the other three.

Apparently I am slow to learn from my late night shopping blunder because I went online a few days later to buy some padded envelopes to use when shipping out my pins. I thought I was ordering 100 envelopes. It was only after I read the confirmation email the next morning that I realized I had ordered 500. It's a good thing that envelopes won't expire because I'm fairly certain I'll be using these to send care packages to Robby in college!

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