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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bone spurs and pregnancy...

Okay, I didn't realize that pregnancy increases the probability that bone spurs will develop. This is due to the increased calcium absorption combined with the hormonal changes and fluctuating stump volume. I was shocked when I discovered a rather large bone spur had developed during the course of my pregnancy. When my little boy was just 8 weeks old, I had surgery to remove the spur.

I mention this in my blog because it was something I wasn't counting on after the pregnancy. Not only did I have to undergo surgery and live without my leg during the healing process, I needed to figure out how to care for my newborn.

Robby (my little boy) slept in the bassinette next to our bed. We prepared his formula bottles ahead of time, so I just needed to add bottled water, which we also kept beside the bed.

Being a nervous Mommy, I didn't want to risk carrying him while on crutches, but I knew I couldn't crawl and stay in bed all day either. My solution? A rolleraid cart with a basket attached to the front. This provided me with the mobility and safety we required. I wore Robby in his bjorn snuggler as we wheeled through the house.

I kept a bouncer seat in every room of the house during this time period. I also kept diaper changing bags in various locations throughout my home. This minimized the amount of traveling I needed to do through the home during my recovery. When I was able to wear my leg again, I discovered the convenience of keeping the diaper bags throughout the house. I have learned that, as an amputee Mommy, I may do somethings differently. But that is okay!

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