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Monday, October 19, 2009

Have I Mentioned My Natural Grace?

Scott loves technology. More particularly, he loves getting other people involved with his newest gadget. His mother has been his biggest challenge to convert, so he felt a sense of victory when she finally agreed to use a web camera.

Scott and his mom now "web chat" several times a week. It has been nice because she is able to see Robby, and he is able to see his Grandma. We no longer have to try to explain Robby's latest trick or feat. She is able to see him and interact via webcam.

Per Sunday night tradition, Scott was chatting with his mom last night. Robby, not feeling particularly compelled to entertain, was sitting on the floor watching an enthralling episode of Thomas the Train. After exchanging hellos and a brief conversation, I was planning to gracefully take my leave and draw a bath.

Unfortunately there is nothing graceful about me. I tried to discretely slip off the bed and out of the room. To say I was unsuccessful in this attempt would be an understatement.

I must have been tired from the weekend, or perhaps I was looking forward to my bath, but I apparently forgot to put my leg on before I started to walk. I went down with the loudest of "thuds," hitting my thigh against the night table before I landed by slamming into the wall.

Mind numbing pain immediately followed my gravitational experiment. I feel comfortable stating that I have not experienced a more severe, debilitating pain than the sensation when I happen to fall onto my stump. It is a pain like no other that leaves me momentarily paralyzed and I can only wait for it to pass.

As I was on the floor, waiting for the wave of pain to crest, I heard Scott providing a play-by-play to his mom, who heard the entire event via the computer. Robby began to cry because I was hurt. After the pain eased, I performed a quick body check. No broken bones, no blood. I reasoned that, although embarrassed and bruised, I would be okay.

I can't recall the last time I fell because I "forgot" to put on my prosthetic. Albeit inevitable, it is still disconcerting. Did I forget my leg because I am so used to always wearing it? Or, did I forget that I was an amputee and that I needed a prosthetic?

I don't know the answer. I do know that I was tired, and my mind was occupied. I don't know an amputee who has not had a similar experience. I also know that I am already becoming sore, and that I am going to be hitting the ibuprofen bottle hard tomorrow!

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