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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just Dance!

I am constantly searching for new activities that allow me to work-out and have fun. Considering that I don't particularly enjoy sweating, this is not an easy task. I have discovered a new "game" that I am anxious to share.

I have tried to use the Wii Fit program and balance board with mixed success. I find the balance board difficult to manipulate whenever unequal weight distribution is registered. The balance board often misread my movements or failed to read my motion altogether.

I found it so frustrating that the board is currently pushed under my dresser and the game has been abandoned. I also admit that I am a little scared to restart the game because I know that I will be yelled at for not working out on consecutive days. I also don't appreciate my avatar being made fat every time I weigh-in!

My prosthetic does not seem to interfere with my ability to utilize the Wii Active game. This basic fitness program has options to work sections of the body, or to run you through a whole body workout. I never fail to work up a sweat, and has been a great addition to my fitness regime. I am not told that I am fat, and use of the balance board is optional. This being said, it is not a lot of fun.

I bought Dance Dance Revolution. I found it both frustrating and the constant impact was painful on my stump. I have never been known for my dancing ability, and my poor skills have become weaker since my limb loss. Dance Dance Revolution is a game that utilizes primarily foot movements, and I found it nearly impossible to keep up and to perform the steps safely and correctly. It was a matter of time before I became injured. I sold the game and mat on Craigslist.

Finally, I have found a Wii game that I absolutely love. Just Dance is a game that I enjoy and it works up a sweat. Trust me, after a few songs my heart is pounding and I am breathing heavily. I am also smiling and singing along.

Just Dance only utilizes the hand controller. Foot options are demonstrated on the screen but are not required to score points. I appreciate being on "equal footing" with everybody else! I am excited that I found a fitness game that I can do successfully. I don't feel like I am adapting the game to accommodate for my disability. I am able to just put it in the console and dance like everybody else.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of Just Dance is the fact that Robby can do it with me. He especially loves dancing to Cotton Eye Joe (yes we always wear our cowboy hats) and Who Let the Dogs Out. You should hear us barking!

I know that I am not the only amputee who has been struggling to find an effective and fun fitness regiment. Being a Mommy, I appreciate anything that can include Robby. I never feel inadequate or disabled because I can simply ignore the foot movements. For me, Just Dance is not only a terrific workout, but it is a blast!

Before viewing the following video, please keep in mind that I have had no professional dance training.

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  1. You and Robby are way too cute! Not only is "working out" with your kids fun but it is showing him that you value a healthy lifestyle. That's a lesson that will stick with him throughout his life.