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Friday, May 14, 2010

Running Woes

I was ready to be stressed about my California trip which was scheduled to start this coming Sunday. I felt that time was passing too quickly and I was becoming overwhelmed with my mounting "to do" list before the trip. Just as I was ready to go into overdrive mode, I received a phone call which has allowed me to relax.

There has been a scheduling mistake, and Robby and I are needed in California the following week. Their "mistake" affords me seven additional days to prepare Robby, to get in the necessary supplies for Scott and to lose those extra five pounds which have been plaguing me. I am thrilled to have the extra time to prepare.

In addition to having an extra week to get everything in order, I will also have a full week to continue my training for the race. I feel like I am just starting to make progress and I was worried about how not running for six days was going to impact my goal. Although I won't be able to run during the week that I am in California, which is also before the race, I am hoping that my skills and endurance will be stronger by then and the missed runs won't have as much of a negative impact.

I have been diligent about my running schedule. I am now jogging about 2.4 miles every night. Each day I am able to run for longer periods of time and the distance I need to walk is decreasing. I still haven't made it to the 7-11, but I am getting closer. When I do make it, I doubt that any Slurpee will ever taste as good!

I am realizing that I have both the strength and the endurance to finish this 5k. Right now, my biggest issue is my prosthetic. It still doesn't fit correctly and I am forced to stop several times during my run in order to adjust my socket. I am both frustrated and irritable when I finish my training, not because I am tired but because I am in pain.

Robby and I have spent many afternoons sitting in Elliot's office trying to adjust the socket. I thought we made the final adjustment yesterday, but I was proven wrong during my evening run. My bone rubs against the front of the socket causing a knot to form and swell. The more I run, the more the knot swells, causing more pain and more rubbing. It is a cycle that becomes worse during my run. Yesterday I came very close to calling Scott and abandoning my run early. I managed to continue running, but I could barely walk by the time I reached our door. I immediately switched legs and was grumpy for the next hour.

Yet again, I have discovered extra obstacles placed in front of the amputee. I need to develop the strength and endurance to complete the race, but I must also combat socket and prosthetic issues that impact my ability to run. I admit that, when I am messing with my socket on the side of the road, I am angry. I am angry that I can't simply run and only concentrate on my form. I am forced to fiddle constantly with the stubborn carbon fiber contraption strapped to my limb that is keeping me from my goal.

Thankfully, I will have an extra week to work through these prosthetic issues. I am hoping that by the time I am traveling to California I can simply step into my leg and run. I knew that running would be hard. I was prepared for pain, for falls and for a lot of hard work. Perhaps I was naive. I failed to realize that my biggest obstacle would be my prosthetic.


  1. My son is having troubles with his new socket to, he wore it to school last week after an adjustment and ended up with a huge sore--being a boy and a pre-teen, he didn't think that the pain meant he should check the leg. We have now spent a week and a half working to heal the wound plus re-adjust his socket so this will not happen again and make the 'farting' noises go away when he walks. He's extremely frustrated and at this weeks appt. he said he didn't want a leg anymore and just wanted a wheelchair or crutches. Since we have neither, he is resorting to hopping around the house. Good thing is that he is healing well and should be fixed by this week--then we will have to work on getting him back into his new leg, something that is going to be ruff since he's convinced it will hurt and should stick to his old socket. This is our first major skin issue (and he's 12) I understand how frustrating and upsetting this is for your running socket to hurt, but think of the big picture--you will be running and comfortable soon, you will never have blisters on that foot AND the special foot will allow you to be a stronger athlete then two regular feet (at least that's what they tell me when my son get's his running foot this year) This is going to take time and patients--you can do this!

  2. Keep working--it gets easier. I did a 10-miler a year after getting my running foot. Working up towards a marathon now.

    You'll learn which pain means "stop now and get a prosthetist adjustment" and which pain you can run through. But err on the side of caution--a blister'll shut you down for a lot longer than a mere repair/refit appointment. Trust me on that.

    And keep the faith!