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Friday, August 20, 2010

Strange Week In Review

This past week has been busy. My trip to the doctor, and my subsequent diagnosis of Osteoporosis threw me for a loop. We sprung yet another leak in our roof, forcing us to spend nearly a day moving and emptying drip buckets. I had planned on spending a day cooking food for the boys to eat during my trip (although I am fully aware that it will be passed over in lieu of fast food treats) and doing the laundry. Perhaps I'll get those chores accomplished this weekend.

I am now in the process of receiving treatment for the Osteoporosis. We spent nearly 30 minutes in the cereal aisle of the grocery store reading the labels until we found one with 1000 mg of calcium. I bought a calcium supplement and I am currently awaiting my doctor to call to let me know what prescription he is recommending. I am disappointed in the diagnosis but eager to begin treatment to halt any further damage.

I have been in the hunt for an affordable yet trendy evening dress. Lacking a shopping partner, I convinced Scott and Robby to accompany me for moral support. Apparently I should begin taking the Boys on all of my challenging shopping adventures- they bring good luck.

We entered the first store and I walked to the dress section. Immediately I noticed a beautiful and flirty pink dress in the corner. I tried it on, and it is an absolutely perfect fit. I feel sassy, pretty and just a tad sexy. To make it even better, it was on a super sale and only cost (drum roll, please) $28. Yippee for me!

After the first application of roof caulk washed away, Scott spent yesterday again on the roof. This time we used a garden hose to find the precise location of the leak. Once the hole was discovered, he was able to make the necessary repairs. At least, we hope so. We won't really know if we were successful until it rains again. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it will no longer rain in the bedroom.

Although most items on my "to do" list from this week were not even attempted, I feel like we have actually accomplished quite a bit. I'm going to have to double my efforts during the next few days to get the house in order for my trip. Trying to get as much accomplished as I can without stressing myself out is my goal for the weekend. Wish me luck!

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