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Monday, October 25, 2010

Party Fun!

This past Saturday our house was buzzing with excitement. As promised, Scott and I hosted what we dubbed "Robby's Super Big Trick-or-Treat Costume Party." We had almost 30 people attend and everybody had a great time. It was a lot of work preparing for it, but well worth it!

Robby had a weekend of "firsts." Not only did he help host his first party, but he also hosted his first sleepover. His cousin, Tiffany, spent the night on Saturday. She is two years older and Robby idolizes her.

I was a little wary about allowing a sleepover on the night of the party. I spent days cooking and cleaning in preparation for the gathering, so by the time our last guests left, I just wanted to climb into bed. However, the commitment was made and I couldn't disappoint my niece or my little boy.

I was worried that having Tiffany spend the night would mean increased work for me. Little did I know that it would have the opposite affect. The twosome played together all evening. When I tried to peek in on them I was quickly told that "this is a private club and you are not a member." I was able to kick off my leg and relax on the couch. With the exception of seeing them walk in and out of the kitchen a few times I didn't see them much.

At 8:30 I issued the "lights out" command and sent the pair to bed. At 9:00 I heard them giggling. I reminded them that it was time to sleep. At 9:30 I requested that they stop singing Jingle Bells because they were supposed to be asleep. When I found the pair jumping on the bed 10:00 I instructed them to get to sleep, again. At 10:30 I found Robby in the kitchen. I promptly confiscated the bag of candy corn which was considerably lighter than it was a few hours earlier. Finally, the chatty little cousins fell asleep around 11:00.

Sunday morning I made special Halloween pancakes for Robby and Tiffany. To my dismay neither of them was hungry and they picked at their cute ghost shaped pancakes. I was disappointed because I thought that the novel breakfast would be a hit, and it was obviously a dud.

When I was cleaning up the sofa bed in Robby's room in the afternoon, I made an interesting discovery. I found 6 cupcakes which were stripped of their frosting under a throw pillow. Approximately 12 empty M&M treat bags were littering the floor. The clincher was finding the previously unopened bag of Hershey Kisses which was now filled with empty wrappers.

The two kids, in a few hours, managed to pack away a years worth of sugar. I thought that they weren't sleeping out of excitement but I am now convinced that they were on a sucrose induced high. It's no wonder that my cute Halloween pancakes were not appreciated in the morning. In retrospect, the prospect of eating again was probably torturous for the little glutenous cousins!

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