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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Personal Trainer

I've taken my "Biggest Loser-Amputee Mommy" commitment seriously. Despite the presence of chocolate cake and Cool Whip in my kitchen, I have remained strong. It hasn't been easy. I love cake!

I have been vigilant about my diet, eating whole grains and foregoing snacks at night. My meals are balanced and, if not filling, have been quasi-satisfying. For snacks I have been munching on enough carrot sticks to make a small community of bunnies happy.

In addition to playing with Robby outside for hours a day, I have continued my bike riding. Yesterday I rode 25 miles with relative ease. Although my calorie burn was high, it occurred to me that my body might need a "jolt" in order to jump start my weight loss. I have been riding the bike now for nearly four years and, although my legs are strong, my torso and arms are rather weak. Yesterday I decided to shake things up a bit-- literally if you consider the jiggling that accompanied my exercise efforts.

After my ride I headed upstairs and grabbed the television remote. Robby and I searched through the "exercise on-demand" offerings. Disregarding all titles that contained the words "boot camp, sexy or striptease" limited my options. I finally decided to give "Trim and Tone" a try.

Robby was excited to help me exercise and immediately took a position next to me. Upon seeing that the instructor was wearing a headband, he began pleading for me to pause the program. He went running back to the bedroom and proudly emerged wearing my Minnie Mouse ears and triumphantly waving a headband for me. I am sure that we were quite a sight for our neighbors.

I held two-pound weights and Robby finally agreed, despite his protests, to use soup cans in lieu of hand weights. Together we attempted to imitate the perky fitness instructor. Robby seemed oblivious to the fact that we were failing to keep up with her. He giggled non-stop as he found the expression "go for the burn" funny.

I was hoping that the focused exercise would tire Robby out a bit. Instead it served only to rev his little engine. My plan backfired. I was the one who was tired.

Robby has been begging to do the "tv exercises" again. I lied and told him that the show is on only once a day. I am not sure he totally believes me, but he finally accepted my explanation and it bought me time. I know that I'm going to be successful with my own version of "The Biggest Loser" because I have my own little personal trainer. Watch out Jillian and Bob. This kid can be relentless!

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