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Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year Clean

For whatever reason I didn't fully embrace the Christmas spirit this year. I tried to feel festive. I baked cookies, we made ornaments and we decorated the tree. I played carols and watched Christmas movies with Robby. I even wore reindeer antlers in public on a regular basis!

I had numerous plans for this holiday that never materialized. Somehow time just got away from me, and Christmas came too quickly. I hate to admit this, but I'm glad that the season is over. Faking the Christmas spirit has been too much pressure!

Scott has been home for the entire week for Christmas break. While it has been nice having him home, and he certainly needed a break from work, his presence has disrupted my routine. Laundry is piled up and my house is filthy. Every time I start to clean I am asked, "Why are you doing that?" Apparently he operates under the perception that the cleaning fairy visits in his absence!

Typically I wait until after New Year's to remove the holiday decorations. This year, I took everything down on the 29th. I was excited to take down the tree, put away the linens and get my house back in order. I put my collection of Christmas DVD's away and brought back Dr. Quinn and the Waltons (don't judge me).

After working for seven hours, my house has been purged of all things Christmas. My third hour into cleaning I realized that we, as a family, have become lazy about putting things away. I worked all day and never made it to the "dirt removal" portion of cleaning. Scott, lacking a resolution of his own, has been assigned one. Whenever possible, items must be put away after they are used. Robby has been given the same resolution, although I am doubtful that it will be kept by a four year old!

Scott lamented returning to work this morning. I had to try to refrain from being too gleeful as I kissed him goodbye. I made sure he had driven away before commencing my dance of joy!

I plan on spending the entire day cleaning and scrubbing my house. l am feeling an uncharacteristic sense of excitement about getting out my cleaners and scrubbing all day. There is something oddly liberating knowing that I am removing last year's dirt and creating a fresh start. I suppose I am desperate to regain a sense of control and order in my life. I have resolved that, once my home is clean, I plan on keeping it that way- with the help of my boys!

I'm putting on my tiara (a must have accessory when heavy cleaning is involved) and I'm getting to work. It's me vs. the dirt. Wish me luck!


  1. Christmas is my favorite time of the year! That being said I think it's become the most exhausting and mentally draining time for me. Even though my youngest are the twins who are about to turn 13--I still work by but off to keep the majik going and spend hours shopping, wrapping and then waiting for everyone to sleep to unload my sleigh (truth be told Santa should have been a women!) There is also the entertaining, I have a large family, usually each sister in law has a holiday, this year I switched with one since her niece on her side was getting married in Australia and she was lucky enough to go. Then due to my mother in law dealing with a beloved Uncle's death and a niece that choose her addiction and boyfriend over her 10yr old daughter, putting our family in an uproar and all of us trying to make a little girls Christmas as normal an as possible and special in a weeks time (since she has nothing now--sorry side tracked, back to Christmas cleaning lol. I ended up with 30 for Christmas eve and then again on Christmas day. While it was nice to pull it all together and have the house thoroughly scrubbed before the holiday--I was happy to put it all the decorations away and find some normalcy. I am struggling with clean though, with 4 kids on Christmas holiday, 3 cousins the age of the twins coming and going all day and of course 3 dogs and a hubby lol--I am fighting a loosing battle! I have put away my sequined Santa hat--but I think I will look for a tiara! I have to finish the floors and get the house ready for a small b-day party that is a bit late for my oldest who turned 20 on Dec. 27 (I think I'll look for a crown for him to wear when I search for a tiara.

  2. I highly recommend wearing a tiara when you clean... adds a bit of whimsy to an otherwise mundane task. Just make sure you remember to take it off before you run to the mailbox, store or (and yes, this has happened) to a preschool class.