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Monday, June 13, 2011

My 3S Summer

This is Scott's last week of school before summer vacation. It has occurred to me that this also is the last week that I will have the same schedule as Robby. When Daddy is home for summer, our routine goes out the window. This fall, when Scott returns to school, Robby will be going to school as well!

For now, I'm pushing the "K" word out of my mind and concentrating on what I am dubbing "The Summer of Sun, Smiles and S'mores" also known as "3S." I was devastated about the prospect of my plans being derailed by a revision surgery, but my new socket has continued to keep my pain at bay, allowing me to postpone the surgery for awhile. I know that eventually I will need to address the issues, but if I can wait to have surgery, I will!

My 3S Summer is back on, and I couldn't be more excited. This weekend I purchased and assembled an inflatable pool. It isn't deep enough to go swimming--it is only 2 feet deep--but it is long and perfect for lounging, splashing and playing with assorted water toys. Luckily Robby is still little and thinks that his new pool is "absolutely ginormous."

I initially planned to have the pool on my deck until I realized the amount of water required to fill it. The collapse of our deck would certainly be a depressant on my 3S summer. I thought better of my idea and opted to place the giant inflatable in the only practical, albeit highly conspicuous location. Visitors this summer will have to walk past the giant splash pool that is positioned directly in front of our main
door. (It's a good thing we don't get many visitors!)

Robby was excited to take his new pool for a test swim last night. The fact that it was raining, the air temperature was chilly and that the water was freezing apparently was not a deterrent. I have to admit, once my body became completely numb, the temperature didn't bother me and I had a good time.

During my 3S Summer I am vowing to relax and simply stay in the moment. I realize that I have a need to stay busy and active and have a drive that borders on compulsive. I think a lot of my compulsion is stress related, but that is probably a topic for another blog. This summer I want and need to slow down and simply have fun.

Our pool is inflated, my pantry is stocked with marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers and I have a new bottle of sunscreen. Bring on the lazy days of summer- I'm up for the challenge!

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