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Friday, June 10, 2011

Love My Leg!!

Yesterday Robby and I took yet another trip to visit my prosthetist. Elliot (my prosthetist) felt that a new socket might help minimize the pain that I've been feeling, buying both time and comfort until I can get the surgery approved and completed. I have been hesitant about a new socket fixing a problem that is obviously physical, but lacking any other solutions, I decided to try.

I am so glad that I trusted him. I slipped into the new socket and instantly noticed something was different. A few more steps and I realized that I wasn't feeling any pain!

The discomfort I have been experiencing has been draining both emotionally and physically. I haven't been as active simply because each step caused pain. I've been trying to remain upbeat, but the prospect of another surgery has really been difficult for me to accept. Slipping into the new leg, everything changed. I am shocked at how much better I am feeling simply because of a new socket.

In retrospect, my leg has probably been ill-fitting for awhile. I suspect that it happened gradually and that I simply began to adjust. With time, my leg became more inappropriate until using it became painful.

We are optimistic that the new socket will allow me to delay the revision surgery. This means that my plans for a fun summer are back on track and that there will be nothing stopping me! I feel as if I am walking with an extra spring in my step, and I couldn't be happier.

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