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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Saddle Up--We're Flying To Austin

Yesterday, Scott and I worked all morning to get everything packed for our trip to Texas. We are only going to be away for five days, yet we somehow needed three large suitcases. Of course, I needed to bring both my swim leg and my running leg. Prosthetic legs take up a lot of room!

With our suitcases packed and our house sitters instructed to abstain from hosting a party (a request I hope will be remembered), we headed to Baltimore for the night. We decided to start our vacation a day early by staying in a hotel close to the airport. We were able to spend the afternoon swimming, will wake up minutes from the airport, and will avoid the rush hour traffic.

Early this morning we take off for Austin, Texas. My Dad has lived in Texas for about ten years, but this is our first visit. It seemed illogical to visit him when he was staying in our basement during the work week for the first eight years of his Texas residency. Since he became a full-time Texan, we've missed him. I've been looking forward to this reunion for months!

All summer Robby has been anticipating what he refers to as his "Texas Cowboy Adventure." He envisions large cacti plants, sandy terrain and streets lined with cowboys, gunslingers and horses. (I suspect that his Texan stereotypes stem from the cowboy episode of The Backyardigans that we have on the DVR.) I've tried to convince him that he may not see cowboys riding horses through the streets of Austin, but he simply tells me that I am wrong.

Even if Austin fails to meet the wild-west expectations of my little guy, I know that he won't be disappointed. His Candy Papaw (my Dad) has planned a lot of surprises including a trip to Sea World, a lot of time swimming, and possibly a visit to a Cowboy Dude Ranch. When we aren't sight-seeing, I'm sure Robby will be busy entertaining his Candy Papaw and Nana Phara (my Dad's wife).

Of course, before our Austin Adventure begins, we have to get there which means that I have to deal with TSA and their screening du jour this morning. Wish me luck-- Hopefully if I pass my screening (and hold my tongue) my next blog will be from Texas!

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