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Friday, August 19, 2011

We Made it to Texas

Greetings from Austin, Texas! Or, as Robby has been saying since our plane landed, "Yee Haw! I'm in Texas." We haven't seen a real cowboy yet, but that certainly hasn't stopped him from looking.

Our trip was relatively uneventful. Considering that I had to interact with TSA at the Baltimore Airport, I consider "uneventful" to be a success! This time I encountered only moderate incompetence and the obvious under-training of the screeners.

This was the first time I was not offered a private screening. I didn't think much of it, as I always opt for a public patdown. (I believe that my fellow travelers should witness their security airport fees in action!) As my patdown commenced, I questioned the screener (in a polite and conversational tone, of course) about failing to offer me a private screening. I was informed that the private screening was only a "courtesy" offered to travelers when staff was available.

Hmm.. that's not what it says on the TSA website. I told her that she was mistaken, and then referred to the regulation providing for a private screening. After all, I had the information handy thanks to my self-designed TSA Disability Notification card!

I chose not to pursue the lapse in regulation with a supervisor because it was early and I hadn't consumed enough caffeine to ready me for battle. After two agents fumbled their way through the CastScope machine, I was cleared to fly. I felt a sigh of relief that no tears were shed and that I wasn't completely molested in the process of my screening!

Robby was a charming little cherub during our flight. He didn't whine, cry or complain about being bored. Much of the flight was spent visiting his newest discovery, the airplane bathroom. Apparently it is a magical little room because he took four trips during our flight!

When Robby wasn't in the bathroom himself, he spent a lot of time looking out his window- especially after another passenger used the restroom. He was utterly convinced that he was seeing toilet paper and "pee pee" flying through the air. I should have explained that the toilet didn't flush into the air, but it kept him both occupied and quiet so I decided not to burst his bubble.

Robby and his Candy Papaw spent the afternoon playing with cars and shopping for snacks. Apparently Robby is planning on consuming a lot of food during the next few days because he compiled a stock pile of cupcakes, ice cream and pop-tarts at the grocery store when he went shopping with my dad. In any case, it has been fun watching the two of them telling jokes and chatting!

Today we are going to Sea World, a trip that has Robby over the moon with excitement. He loves all things aquatic, especially dolphins, so it is going to be a fantastic day. Perhaps the only thing that could make it better would be temperatures below 110 degrees-- oh, and seeing a real cowboy!

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  1. Well, speaking as a citizen of Texas, and living only 40 miles from Austin, you're gonna have to get out of Austin to see anything other than hippies and hipsters. B-)