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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

36 hours

After Scott and I renewed our vows we celebrated Las Vegas style, by going to an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner. Although I am generally not a fan of buffet style restaurants (I commonly refer to them as browsing at the trough) I know that they are a Las Vegas tradition. Thanks to my sister Sheri who first exposed Robby to this style of dining, he is now a huge fan and was excited to go to what we promised to be the biggest buffet of his young life.

Many things in life fail to meet the hype generated, but the Las Vegas buffet at the Rio Casino exceeded all of our expectations. To describe Robby as glutenous would be an understatement. My little five year old ate three plates of food, promptly followed by two bowls of ice cream and four cookies. He was a happy little boy. I thought we were going to have to roll him into the taxi cab when we were finished!

Robby wasn't the only one who overate. Scott had two plates of crab legs followed by tacos and a variety of assorted carbohydrates. I ate more than my share and consumed so much salt that my leg didn't fit by the end of our meal. We all waddled to our hotel room and promptly fell asleep, likely the result of a food induced coma.

It is hard to believe that in the last 36 hours I renewed my vows, ate an obscene amount of food, packed up my family and returned them to Virginia while working in a conference exhibition booth for ten hours. I returned to my hotel room last night physically drained. I was also struck by the deafening silence.

Today I will be working in the booth all day and I'm looking forward to talking with new and established friends. I love working at these conferences because the change provides me with a unique respite from my normal life. That being said, I hope that the next 48 hours are less hectic but pass as quickly as the past 36. I miss my family.

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