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Friday, September 23, 2011

Boot Sale...

Sometimes I think it is strange how my amputation has impacted various aspects of my life. I knew that it would affect me physically, psychologically, and socially. I had no idea how much my limb loss would affect my fashion decisions.

I have never been a Fashionista. If a garment is pretty and doesn't make me look fat, I am satisfied. If it is on sale, I often overlook the "pretty" requirement.

Shoe shopping has been especially challenging since my amputation, and I know that I will soon need a pair of winter boots. My little guy turns into a snow bunny and can play in his winter wonderland for hours at a time! While he is snug and warm, the snow becomes packed between my sneaker and my sock. I am cold and uncomfortable within 15 minutes.

I have searched for a solution to my boot dilemma. Because of my prosthetic. it is difficult for me to slip my foot into a boot. I require a large opening in order for the foot shell to slip inside, and because I don't have ankle movement, I need the opening to extend to the bottom of the boot so that the angles are minimized. The boot material must come up over my Proprio ankle, but must not be form fitted. The ankle moves and cannot be contained.

With all of these requirements, I gave up on the boot being cute. I was willing to settle for anything that would work, regardless of its visual appeal. When I found a pair of boots with a large opening, the ankles were too severe to allow my foot to slide in. We looked into a pair of goulashes, but they were too heavy. The weight of the material would have caused my leg to lose suction. That would not be a good thing when sledding!

I had all but given up and accepted my chilly foot fate. Every search left me feeling deflated and frustrated. It is strange how one small failing, such as not being able to find a pair of boots, can amplify every negative feeling I have about being an amputee. I was close to giving up.

I suppose that the adage "it always comes when you aren't looking" is true for more than finding a soul mate. It also applies to finding the perfect boot! Not only do the boots possess every attribute necessary, they are cute. And the best part? They were on sale! I will be ready for winter!

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