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Friday, September 30, 2011

My New Profession

I've been working for my prosthetist Elliot for the past year, writing his blog and managing his facilities social media connections. I have managed to carve out my own little niche that allows me to work at home while earning money. It has been an ideal set up.

This week I had a meeting with Elliot to develop a social media plan. Typical to my fashion, I went into the appointment armed with statistics, information, a notebook full of ideas and a stomach full of nervous energy. It turns out that we never discussed anything on the agenda and my nerves were not necessary.

As soon as I sat down I was offered a new professional opportunity. Initially I was taken aback, but it didn't take long for my excitement to grow. After all, this position is the perfect blend of my professional goals and personal aspirations.

Like prosthetists across the country, Elliot has been having a difficult time getting reimbursed by insurance companies, particularly for bionic devices. Adjustors routinely deny the initial claim request, prompting the practitioner to file a lengthy justification and appeal. The process is time consuming for the billing specialist; ultimately resulting in a backlog of appeals, a loss of revenue, and rendering the amputee without the needed prosthetic device.

I understand the frustrations that arise when care is determined not by my physician and prosthetist but by a bean counting, heartless insurance adjustor who obviously lacks a moral compass. (Is my bias showing?) I find little as satisfying as helping another patient maneuver through the paperwork minefield in order to obtain their entitled services and devices. I am going to be working in a professional capacity to help my fellow amputees. The fact that I get to stick it to the insurers at the same time is a bonus. This position could not be more perfect for me!

Going into the meeting I never imagined that this position existed, let alone that it would be offered to me. I've often heard that some of the best opportunities in life are unplanned surprises. This is certainly true in this situation.

I was feeling like everything was beginning to fray around me. Countless nights have been spent sleepless as I've worried and fretted over finances and pondering "what am I going to do when I grow up." Now I will be able to continue to work from home, which is the ideal situation for my family. I suspect that the few hours a day that Robby will be in Kindergarten will virtually evaporate under my increased workload. Who knows! If I have enough hours, I may even hire a cleaning service to help twice a month!

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