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Monday, September 26, 2011


Last year at this time my life seemed to revolve around Robby's bathroom habits-- or more specifically his lack of toilet use. This year I find my conversation again revolving around all things bathroom related, only this time the subject is different: I've been dealing with kidney stones which have been making me miserable!

I was diagnosed with the pesky little pebbles about two weeks ago. Since then, it seems that every conversation somehow involves my urinary tract. Is there still blood, have I passed more stones and my favorite inquiry comes from Scott, "How is everything flowing down there?" I appreciate the concern but I am frustrated that my conversations still revolve around toilet activities!

I thought that I had passed my last stone before my Las Vegas trip. Because of my commitments in the exhibition booth, I fully admit that I did not consume enough water last week. My self-imposed dehydration has apparently obstructed the passing of the the remaining stones, so the past few days I have been miserable.

My problems resurfaced during the long flight home on Thursday night. I began to feel severe back pain. The discomfort, combined with a near constant urge to urinate combined, made for a torturous flight home. Of course, the sudden onset of what I can only suspect to be food poisoning did not help my situation. By the time I finally arrived home (at 2 am) I was exhausted and sick.

I spent most of the weekend drinking water and trying to flush those little stones out of my system. I found myself sleeping in my liner out of convenience because I was constantly getting up to use the bathroom. It is during those moments that I find myself cursing my amputation- I wish I could just get up and go like my bi-legged friends.

Although I am physically recovered from the food poisoning, I am fairly confident that I will never eat another mozzarella and basil sandwich. I'm feeling better, but I am still worried. My doctor is going to check me today, and if my stones aren't gone, I will be hospitalized. Not only do I want to avoid a hospitalization and surgery, I am really tired of discussing the bathroom. Here's hoping that I flushed those little rocks away!

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