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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Amputee Awareness Week--(for the World)

I have received emails from readers from all corners of the globe, and I am constantly amazed that although the geography differs vastly, many of our self-image and daily living issues are universal. I love getting messages from readers. The communications that I receive make me feel as if the time and the effort that I devote to my blog are not spent in vain. It's always nice to know that my words are being read!

Tuesday morning while sipping on my first of three cups of coffee, I opened my email. I was delighted when I realized that my inbox was filled with messages from people instead of advertisements for flowers, various daily deals, and counterfeit Viagra. It turns out that many of the messages were from my amputee friends wishing me a Happy Amputee Awareness Week.

The Amputee Coalition of America (ACA) designated April to be Limb Loss Awareness month. When I questioned the reasoning behind choosing April, especially considering that the rest of the world celebrates during first full week in October, I was informed that the October was too congested with breast cancer awareness. April, it seems, was apparently decided by committee because no other cause or awareness group had made inroads towards claiming the month.

For the majority of the world, Amputee Awareness week runs from October 4-11. Unlike the designation in this country, October was not chosen by happenstance but was chosen because it was during this week in 1846 that the first patent was awarded for a prosthetic device. The patent marks what is accepted to be the beginning of the modern age of prosthetics.

The actual patent was awarded on October 7 which has become recognized as Amputee Awareness Day worldwide. Except, of course, in the United States. History be damned, we are apparently sticking with April.

I plan on honoring both designated events. All efforts to gain awareness, particularly about prosthetic parity, are worthwhile. I'll be wearing my button proudly this week. If Robby is feeling better and returns to school by Friday (he has caught his first of what is sure to be many bouts of what I have dubbed the "kindergarten cruds") I will speak with his class about prosthetics.

Happy Amputee Awareness week!

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