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Thursday, October 06, 2011

No Maternal Medical Confidence...

Yesterday Robby experienced his first Kindergarten sick day. He woke up with a fever and complained of a sore throat, "farting ears" and a "battle going on inside his brain." Trusting my mommy instincts, I was certain that he had either an ear infection or strep throat.

I immediately called the school to report his absence and then scheduled an appointment with the pediatrician. After all, the sooner we started antibiotics, the quicker he would recover. I was proud of myself for acting so quickly. Apparently my mommy instincts are not honed yet. After the $20 co-pay, he was diagnosed with a cold and prescribed water, rest, cartoons and pudding.

While I'm relieved that he is simply suffering from a cold instead of a more serious infection, I feel embarrassed that I was not able to discern the difference. I always feel like an inadequate parent whenever I take Robby to the pediatrician for what turns out to be a benign ailment. I don't want to be overprotective, but I also don't want to miss a serious infection because of my hesitation.

I wish I could trust my instincts without apologizing. Robby's first pediatrician was a brash, rude man who should have left the medical profession a decade earlier. I rarely left an appointment in his office without feeling belittled, embarrassed, and many times in tears. His practice was highly recommended by friends, but I learned the hard way that experience trumps recommendations every time. Leaving his care was one of the best decisions we have made, and I only regret that we didn't act earlier.

Robby's new pediatrician is a gem. She listens to my thoughts and is gentle with Robby. I feel 100% confidence in her abilities. I know that my hesitation and lack of confidence when it comes to medical issues stems from my past pediatric experiences, but unfortunately, identifying the cause hasn't lessened my insecurities.

I may not be good at diagnosing Robby, but I am great at nursing him back to health. We spent the day on the sofa, watching cartoons, and reading books. He took a nap on my lap (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and colored Halloween posters. He exclaimed that my "chicken soup is magic" because he is already feeling better. (Incidentally all the credit for the soup's healing properties belong to Campbell's, but I happily accepted the compliment.)

Hopefully I will gain more confidence in my medical maternal instincts. Until then, I will continue to keep the pediatrician on speed dial and the cash for our co-pay on hand. I have a feeling that this is the first of many colds he is to experience this school year!

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  1. ohhh Peggy, your instincts are perfect--even after 4 kids I can't get it right! When I think there is strep or an ear infection, I'm wrong, but like today I went for shot updates for my 13yr old guys and well one has a horrible ear infection most likely from the summer swimming. He also needs to see a foot guy because his feet look funny lol. Travis, my amputee often complains of leg pain or a sore on his stump--when I rush him in, there is no sore and he tell's the prosthetic guy he feel's fine! When my oldest was in pre-k I knew he was sick and didn't follow my mommy instincts because hubby thought I was over paranoid--I never listened to any one again because we ended up in the hospital with a dehydrated lil guy who had to have adult needles because that hospital was not prepared for kids and no children's hospital's were close buy at the time--today if he get's a needle at the age of 20 you will find him passed out on the floor. So don't feel bad, you are not alone and it's always better to be on the safe side!