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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Back to the Routine

There are two sad boys in my house this morning. Much to their chagrin, Christmas vacation is over and they both must return to school today. They both looked so sad and forlorn when they were laying out their clothes and going to bed last night. Out of respect, I tried to keep my smile and gleeful demeanor in check!

I never imagined that I would be counting down the days until Robby returned to school. While I love having him home with me, I have come to appreciate the benefits that school affords. He is happier when he is able to interact and play with his peers, and when he is happier, everything is a lot easier!

During the past few days, our home has morphed from Christmas Wonderland to raging battlefield. Christmas music has been replaced by foot stamping. A battalion of tiny green army men have been turned into projectile bombs at the hands of a pint sized General. I'm fairly certain that at least a dozen soldiers are now MIA in our Christmas tree. All of the toys which were neatly piled in the corner were hastily moved to free up the time out stop. Yes, Robby Rotten has taken up residence and has refused retreat.

Although he won't admit it, I know that Robby misses being at school. He was thriving with his new routine. He loves playing with his friends, and I think he has missed the structure of his classroom. A week at home has rendered him mischievous, irritable, and demanding. Nothing seemed to satisfy his desires, and Scott and I tired of running around trying to please a five year old!

I am anticipating a final showdown this morning as I pack him up for school. I fully expect him to pull out all the stops, including but not limited to tears when I kiss him goodbye in front of his classroom. I'm sure that I'll feel a pang of guilt when I leave the school. I also suspect that it will only last as long as it takes me to drive to Starbucks for my celebratory back to school latte.

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