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Friday, March 23, 2012

My New Discovery

Perhaps my favorite part of working these conferences, with the exception of room service, is the ability to see all of the new prosthetic products available. I am constantly amazed at the rapid advances that are being made. While the focus is often on the computerized, sexier prosthetics, some of the most life enhancing products are often unsung and taken for granted.

Yesterday morning I was hurting. The skin on my limb was beginning to chafe, and a small blister on the side had still not healed. I spotted my prosthetist when I entered the exhibition hall, dreading the 8 hours of standing that I was facing. From the way I was feeling, I knew it was going to be a long day!

When he came over I explained the skin breakdown and discomfort. Without missing a beat he reached into his conference bag and handed me a lotion sample and told me to give it a try. The unassuming small white bottle was simply labeled prosthetic skin lotion. Although I was cynical that it would make a difference, I complied and excused myself to apply the lotion.

As soon as the lotion was applied, I knew that it was special. It absorbed quickly, leaving my skin soft and smooth. Donning my liner was easy, and I didn't feel the nagging skin tugging that I was experiencing when rolling on my liner. I stepped into my leg and took a few cautious steps. I never would have imagined that a simple lotion would have such a profound impact. My discomfort was completely gone!

It turns out that my skin has been pulling against my liner. The constant tugging has been causing friction burns that resemble chapping. I don't often endorse a specific product, but I couldn't make this lotion discovery and not share my experience.

After one day I am sold on this product, and plan on having my prosthetist order me more when I get home. If you are having skin breakdown, or feel like you might be tugging within your liner, give Alps Prosthetic Skin Lotion a try. I was shocked that it yielded such profound results for me.

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