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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Bickering Boys

I had a great time in Atlanta, but I have to admit that I'm happy to be home. A few nights away and I found myself missing Robby and Scott. I suspect I am a bit of a homebody because I never like to be away from my environment for too long.

I'm not sure who was happier to see me at the airport, Robby or Scott. Robby came running up to me from across the baggage claim terminal, frantically waving a bouquet of flowers. He jumped into my arms and immediately began to smother me with kisses. Scott followed in tow, looking exhausted and muttering something like "I'm glad you're home. He's all yours."

While I was standing in a conference exhibition hall talking with customers and enjoying my foray into the professional arena, Scott was contending with Robby Rotten. Apparently he was needy, grumpy and had an exceedingly short attention span. Hearing the recap of their time together, I was left with the impression that with the exception of eating "man food" from the gas station for each dinner and playing in the stream every afternoon, little made Robby happy. Apparently Robby gave his Daddy a run for his money!

Saturday night I curled up with Robby, and we watched a movie and munched on popcorn. Scott hung out in his computer room/ man cave, taking respite from parental responsibility. He filled me in on every detail of the past few days, and showered me with, "I missed you, Momom." He might have been Robby Rotten for his Daddy, but he turned into my little cuddle bug when I came home.

The two boys were scrapping all Sunday morning, and I thought that they needed to be separated for awhile. Perhaps they both had too much "bonding" time. I packed up Robby and took him to a matinee of The Lorax.

We both loved the movie, and had a great Momom/ Robby date. However, when we came back I needed to get to work. I had a lengthy list of projects that needed my attention for work. When I wasn't busy writing, I was trying to get caught up on the housework. Between unpacking, finishing the laundry, picking up after the bachelors while I was gone, and listening to both Scott and Robby complain, I was exhausted by Sunday night.

This morning after dropping Robby off at school, I'm coming home and pouring myself a large mug of coffee. I'm going to curl up on the couch, take off my leg and read a book. I am not going to work, clean, or listen to any bickering After all, between the Atlanta trip and listening to my 46 and 5 year old boys, I'm seriously considering running away from home!

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