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Friday, March 02, 2012

My Wonderful Day

A few days ago it was pouring down rain and I was miserable. My roof was leaking (again) and the phantom pain in my leg was overwhelming. I begrudgingly accepted the fact that I was relegated to the couch watching Tom and Jerry reruns with Robby all afternoon. According to Robby, and I hate to admit that he might have been correct, I had a bad case of the grumpies.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling happy, refreshed, and pain free. My leg felt fantastic and my gait returned to normal. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the thermometer was pushing 70 degrees. What a difference 24 hours, and the change in the weather, can make on my mood and pain level!

Robby and I took full advantage of the unseasonably springlike weather and stayed outside all afternoon soaking up every moment. We played a rousing game of laser tag (he won) and had boat races in the stream (he cheated). After "falling" into the stream on two separate occasions, I insisted that he change into dry clothes.

Putting on dry pants and swapping his soggy cowboy boots for his green froggy boots (in retrospect we should have done the boot swap before we went to the stream, not after) he grabbed a cookie and headed back outside. Robby hopped in his new battery powered yellow convertible car and took off. I climbed onto my bike, took a deep breath, and pedaled after him. I was petrified about falling, but I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with him on foot.

Before I knew it we were traversing the neighborhood. Robby was having a blast driving up and down the quiet streets, waving to the neighbors and their dogs. To my surprise, I began to relax. I was having fun and talking with Robby and was no longer constantly worried about falling. The nearly paralyzing fear of riding my bike outside lifted. I felt like any other person riding a bike; it was a liberating moment.

Robby and I finished our adventure as Scott came home from work. Apparently my little driver was tuckered out because he actually asked to go to bed early. I'm hoping that he slept well because we have a big day today. I am going into his class to make green eggs and ham with his classmates in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday. After school, if it doesn't rain, I predict another bike ride in my future. After all, I'm no longer scared!

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