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Monday, April 09, 2012

Easter Fun and Fatigue

Yesterday was a blur of Easter excitement and fun. Robby is at the perfect age; he is old enough to have conversations yet youthful enough to fully believe the lore of the Easter Bunny. I wish that this innocence would last forever, but in reality I know that I only have another few years (if I'm lucky) before he begins to doubt the magic. I try to make the most of every holiday while he still believes!

Saturday morning Robby woke up and discovered a small velvet bag full of "magic beans." The attached card, written by the Easter Bunny herself, told him to plant the beans in the evening and await for Easter Magic to make them grow. He was chomping at the bit all day to go out and plant the beans, carefully marking each little hole with a stick. I think the Easter Bunny was a tinge overzealous giving him 30 beans- we ended up a virtual forest of little sticks in the front of our yard.

Sunday I woke up early (4:00 AM) because I was fretting about oversleeping and not getting all of the Easter magic ready in time. Scouring the yard in the dark wearing my pajamas, using my cell phone as a flashlight and armed with a basket full of lollipops and a shovel, I must have been quite a sight. Thankfully my neighbors were sound asleep so I didn't have to offer any explanations. It took me nearly 45 minutes to dig up all the beans and plant the lollipops in their place, scatter the eggs, and hide his two surprises.

With a few hours of free time before Robby and Scott woke up, I took the rare quiet time to get some work done. By the time Robby came scampering out to the living room I had finished one report and written two papers. Apparently I can be quite productive when I wake up at an obscene hour and have steady access to strong coffee!

Robby was thrilled by the lollipops that "grew" from the magic beans. He quickly scooped them out of the ground while Scott kicked over the sticks marking the beans that I missed in the dark. Finding the eggs, unfortunately, took a little longer. I had absolutely no idea where I placed them all. Robby enjoyed the hunt, Scott was a tad irritated that I didn't remember where I put them, and I was jittery from all of the coffee I had consumed. Finally we found all the eggs and, to his delight, the Easter Bunny apparently included "slug pets" on several of them. I now understand why they sell plastic eggs.

After an afternoon of cooking, playing, and hosting my family for dinner, I was exhausted. Of course, it isn't a holiday on our street until the police show up. The "Old Lady" that lives down the street called and reported me--again. (She has a history of making erroneous and outlandish accusations against everyone on the street.) Apparently this time I had threatened her (I make a point to not communicate with her) and told her that I was going to turn her into a mummy. She also claimed I was sneaking around our neighbors yard with a flashlight that changed colors (our neighbor just installed new color changing solar lights).

The Officers were very nice, and acknowledged that she has a history of off-the-wall reports and that they are only talking to me to appease her. Still, what an inconvenience and a waste of time and resources. I I'm glad she was asleep earlier in the morning when I was in the front yard digging up jelly beans in my jammies--that would have been difficult to explain!

I finally fell into bed about 10 minutes after I put Robby down for the night, a mere 17 hours after I woke up. My leg was killing me and the bone spur/bursa was angry. I'm glad that Scott is off work again today because I'm fairly certain I won't be able to wear my leg a lot. I hate that my stump hurts, but I figure I have earned a day.

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