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Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Excitement

The excitement is palpable in our home this morning. Today is Robby's last day of school. As if that wasn't enough cause for celebration, my little guy is looking forward to Mother's Day on Sunday. I'm not sure which event has him more excited!

This is the first year that Robby has grasped the concept of Mother's Day. I can only assume that they have been prepping him for "Momom's big day" at school because he certainly isn't catching his enthusiasm from his Dad.  My husband does wonderful things for me throughout the year, but he resents celebrating what he dubs to be mandatory and obligatory holidays. Ironically, Mother's Day falls into this category but Father's Day does not?

Scott made what he refers to as a Mother's Day gift "investment" five years ago. He commissioned a large banner that reads "World's Best Mother." Every year he hangs the banner from the deck. (Incidentally it stays up until I take it down several weeks later.) Last year he invited me to "make whatever I wanted for dinner." I don't think he'll made that mistake again! Needless to say, Mother's Day has typically been a rather anti-climactic event in our household.

This year though, I think it is going to be different. Robby seems to have a definitive plan, and he is insistent that he is not going to tell me his secrets. In the past 24 hours he has told me "I bet you are going to love the handprint card that I made you in school, but it's a surprise" and  "I think that you'll think the secret bowl I made in school is beautiful." I just smile and act like nothing has been revealed.

Per Robby's request, bacon and eggs were added to the weekly grocery list. I heard him ask Scott if he knew how to make bacon "the yummy and crispy way." Apparently his Daddy's response failed to instill a lot of confidence. Later that day Robby asked me to help him find a YouTube video showing how to cook bacon.

I have to admit that I'm looking forward to Mother's Day this year. While I appreciate Scott's banner, knowing how Robby is excited to make me feel special means the world to me. I know I will love the handprint card and the bowl (that I don't know about) and enjoy the bacon and eggs that he learned to cook by watching YouTube. Happy Mother's Day! (As always, I'll post pictures on Sunday.)

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