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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Return to Teaching...

Before Robby was born I worked in the public schools as a teacher for visually impaired children. The job was demanding, both intellectually and physically. I was responsible for upwards of 15 students spread among as many schools, and my days were a virtual juggling act as I tried to make sure that all of their needs were met while maintaining good working relationships with each school's unique personnel.  Between the driving, the schmoozing, and the paperwork I ended each school year burnt out and emotionally exhausted. Despite the frustrations, I loved my job.

When Robby was born I chose to stay home with him. I missed my students, but I gradually adjusted to a life away from teaching. I began working for my prosthetists and I am now managing social media communications for several organizations. I redefined myself and, despite the passion that I once held, I no longer labeled myself as a teacher.

I thought that I had put my role as teacher behind me. If I had been asked a few weeks ago if I envisioned myself returning to teaching, my response would have been a resounding, "No."  Despite the love and passion I once held for my field, I couldn't conjure a circumstance where I would return to working with blind children, and certainly not in the near future. I should know by now that whenever I feel like I have closed a chapter in part of my life that something happens to prove me wrong!

Two weeks ago I received a phone call from the parents of a child I used to teach, imploring me to work with their daughter again. I first worked with Abbi when she was a baby. She is now 9 and continues to deal with a myriad of physical and cognitive issues. Although she is not totally blind, Abbi has a difficult time using her vision and interpreting what she sees. I made no promises but agreed to evaluate Abbi to determine if I could help.

Although I haven't worked in the field for awhile, it felt instinctively natural interacting with Abbi. Within the first hour I knew that I was confident that I could help. I have agreed to begin working with Abbi twice a week.

I have to admit that I'm excited about returning to my original profession. While I enjoy working social media and patient outreach, blind children continue to hold a special place in my heart. It is nice to get back to my first passion.

I've added Abbi to my schedule without deleting any other obligations. I am going to be busier than I've been since Robby was born. I guess this summer we'll see if I'm good at juggling because I certainly have a lot of balls in the air!

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