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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pool Construction

Last summer Robby and I spent nearly every day in the small pool that was sitting in the middle of our driveway. Although it was only 10 feet in diameter and 30" deep, it was the perfect fit for the two of us, especially since he was not an experienced swimmer. Much to Scott's chagrin, I have decided that this summer we needed to upgrade!

During the past six months I have been researching above-ground pools. I knew that I wanted something bigger, but I didn't want the pool to be so deep that it would be over Robby's head. After all, forcing him to swim constantly would be exhausting and not a lot of fun! I finally settled on 15 feet in diameter by 42" deep, bringing the water level up to Robby's chest.  The pool has been ordered and is now sitting in a large box in the center of my driveway, just waiting to be set up for hours of summertime fun!

After talking with Mr. Bill and mulling around options during the cold winter months, we have finally put our swimming pool plans in motion. I thought that we were going to have to bring in excavators to level the area, but our creative neighbor had a better idea. He, along with his trusty helper Robby, are going to construct a large platform in our backyard to support the pool. Mr. Bill explained that the stage can be leveled and, should I decided to get a bigger pool in the future, it can be expanded without a lot of hassle.

Yesterday we took the first steps towards our pool construction project. Mr. Bill came over, and he and Robby carefully chose and staked the location. Watching the two "work," I was hard pressed to pick who was happier and more excited about the upcoming construction. I have to admit that I feel a tinge like a small child on Christmas morning. I'm so excited about having a larger, deeper pool that I can't stop smiling.

Today the true construction begins. Robby and Mr. Bill will build the platform in sections inside his air conditioned garage, to be moved and assembled on site at a later time. My little construction worker spent most of last night organizing his tool box in anticipation. Scott will be in the yard using the post hole digger to break up the clay soil so that the footers can be set. It's safe to say that he is not nearly as excited as his son! My job is one of supervisor making sure that everybody stay hydrated and well-fed.

Hopefully within a week I'll be swimming in our more spacious pool. Robby and I can hardly wait to relax on the raft and call for the cabana boy (Scott) to bring us drinks and snacks. I know that our new backyard aquatic oasis will be heavily used this summer. For Robby, building the platform with his Daddy and Mr. Bill will probably create the strongest memories.

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