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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Westward Bound

It's that time of the year again: time for our annual pilgrimage to Ohio for Scott's family reunion. We'll be driving this year as airfare for three and a rental car is simply cost prohibitive at this point. Like last year we've decided to break our trip up into two segments, stopping halfway to stay at a hotel with an indoor swimming pool. We're hopeful that swimming will help Robby get out the energy that becomes penned up during the long drive!

I'm delighted that my sister and her children are going to be moving into our house for the weekend. Not only do we feel more secure with in-residence house sitters, I know that my niece and nephews will have a blast. Between the bouncer in the basement, the stream, the sprinkler and the fire pit, our house will be a great spot for a mini-vacation for the kids.

Yesterday I battled the oppressive heat and readied the house for company and packed for our trip. It never ceases to amaze me how much stuff a family of three requires when taking a road trip. Add  few extra legs to our luggage and our trunk is now bursting. When I was in college I remember hopping into the car with a duffel bag full of clothes and being set for the week. Now I find that packing for a weekend away takes intricate planning, several suitcases and multiple trips to the store. I love my family, but sometimes I miss those simpler days!

This morning after my sister arrives, we will pile into the car and head for the middle of West Virginia. Robby will have his DS, a DVD player and our cell phone for entertainment. Despite the plethora of options, I have no doubt that I will be bombarded with a chorus of "I'm bored, are we there yet" within the first 90 minutes. Neither one of my boys is particularly good long distance travel which is why I remembered to put my Tylenol in the glove compartment for easy access. 

I'm hopeful that holding the possibility of swimming as a carrot at the end of the drive will help keep in the whining in check. Wish us luck and, hopefully, my next post will be from West Virginia!

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