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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Non-Anniversary Celebration

This past Sunday marked our eight year wedding anniversary. I decided to not mention the significance of the date. I wanted to see how long it would take him to remember.

I spent the next three hours pressure washing the deck. I took a small break to make Robby lunch and to scoot him outside when I saw his friend riding her bike down the street. Drenched and with sore muscles, the "Happy Anniversary my Love" demeanor from the morning was quickly turning into a "I can't believe you forgot you a$$" mood by the time I returned to the deck for round two with the pressure washer.

Almost four hours after lunch I drug myself back into the house.  I was tired and frustrated that only half the deck had been cleaned after an afternoon of diligence. Scott was still in bed wearing his boxer shorts and sleep t-shirt, watching the Olympics and playing on his smart phone while happily munching on potato chips. I was covered with splattered dirt, bits of removed deck stain, and a lot of water. Needless to say I was not amused.

I was fuming so much that I don't think I needed to add warm water to my shower! I cleaned up, walked into the bedroom, and produced the biggest smile I could muster. "Scott, do you know what today is?" His responded with, "Day two of the Olympics?"

In an attempt to minimize my ire, I decided it was probably prudent just to remind him. I wished him a happy wedding anniversary. He looked like a deer in the headlights and responded with an instinctive, "Oh f*ck, are you serious?" He then proceeded to remove his wedding band to verify the date that we had inscribed inside when we were married. We've been married for eight years, but it was during that exchange that I confirmed that my husband has the romantic inclination of a snail.

In all fairness, Scott did attempt to make amends for the forgotten anniversary. He took me out for dinner and helped Robby buy me flowers. I let go of the anger, but I have to admit that I was deflated. It would have been nice if he had remembered on his own accord. Next year I think I'll start sending him text message reminders a week before our anniversary so he doesn't forget!

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