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Friday, August 03, 2012

Setting my Alarm

Tomorrow morning I will be setting my alarm to get up at a ghastly hour. I won't be cramming to finish a project or packing for a trip, the usual reasons for my rising early. Instead I'll be waking up early so that I can watch Oscar Pistorius run in the Olympics.

I fully admit that I am not an avid Track and Field fan. In fact, I couldn't name one other athlete that will be competing on the track this summer. But at 5:35 AM I will be sitting in front of my television, eating a breakfast cupcake, and nervously sipping my coffee. For the first time ever I will root for an athlete who does not hail from the United States.

What most don't realize is that for the majority of amputees, this race isn't about winning a medal. This race has come to symbolize the possibility that a disability cannot only be overcome, but also can become a source of triumph. I continue to become overwhelmed with emotion when I think of new amputees, especially young children, who will be looking at this accomplishment with awe and inspiration. For some, the fear of trying will be erased by witnessing what is possible.

I hold no expectations of a medal finish. The fact that he is going to be taking his earned position against his bi-legged competitors is enough of a victory. I never imagined that I would be seeing a bilateral amputee running against able-bodied competitors on the world stage. This is a truly a monumental feat for amputees!

You can watch the race live on this link (http://www.nbcolympics.com/liveextra/video-watch.html?video=track-feed-mens-100m-heats-more) and follow the conversation on twitter by using #runoscar. The race will be over in mere seconds, but the impact will transcend his running career. I have no doubt that I'll be walking a little prouder on Saturday.

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