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Monday, August 27, 2012


Last week I tried to keep Robby as busy as possible. I did this for two reasons. First, I didn't want him to become bored and start complaining about being away from home. After all, staying away from his Daddy, his toys and his cat for over a week was a lot to ask of a six year old. Secondly, and perhaps the most selfish reason, I didn't want to hear him complaining about being bored!

We spent the week experiencing various tourist attractions in my Mom's area. Although I planned the trips with Robby in mind, I have to admit that we both had a blast! I lived in the same house throughout my entire childhood, yet I never took advantage of the various attractions nearby.  I am proud of myself for managing to squeeze a summer's worth of fun into a single week!

Despite having a lot of fun, by the end of the week it was obvious that Robby was becoming homesick. Luckily I had one more magic trick up my sleeve. Scott left work on Friday and proceeded to drive three hours, with rush hour traffic, to make it to my Mom's house by sunset. Robby was beyond words when he saw his Daddy pull into the driveway. He took off running and leaped into his arms, wrapping Scott in a bear hug that left me envious!

Robby did not leave his Daddy's side the entire night. As happy as Robby was to see his Daddy, the feelings were obviously mutual. Within minutes of his arriving the pair were curled up on the Lazy Boy lounger. Robby filled him in on all of our adventures, carefully showing every souvenir and trinket he had acquired. While I know that Robby had a good time during the week, he was happier and more animated with his Daddy.

During the past week my Mom has made monumental strides in her recovery. I'm thankful that she has progressed to the point where she can now be alone. On Sunday afternoon we packed up and headed home. While I will continue to fret and worry about my Mom, it is nice to be home and together!

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