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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Sleepy Pirate

This was not an easy morning to get out moving. Between the steady cold rain we experienced yesterday and my deciding to "give running on the treadmill a whirl," my leg was been angry by the time I crawled into bed. Sleep last night was nearly impossible due to the relentless nerve stinging, which in turn caused my leg to kick uncontrollably.

After two hours it became clear that I was destined for a long night. Because of my Rockette performance, I moved to the living room so I wouldn't disturb Scott. While moving allowed my husband to sleep, it did nothing to help my cause. I spent most of the night not-so-silently cursing my amputation while watching infomercials touting work-out programs and mineral make-up.

Last night was the first time in months that I have lost sleep due to phantom nerve pain. The Kinesio tape has been working wonders to keep the angry little nerves in check. I suspect that the impact of my running the treadmill was simply too much for the pretty blue tape to handle. Ticked off nerves became another reason for me to avoid running.

At three in the morning, with my leg kicking wildly, it was difficult to remember that I am actually lucky. So many of my amputee friends wage war against phantom pain on a regular basis. I can't imagine living with that misery. Considering that I only experience a handful of sleepless nights a year, I shouldn't complain.

Of course, right now I am complaining. I'm tired and my body is sore. I have meetings scheduled throughout the afternoon, thwarting any dream of taking a nap. I'm going to be keeping my coffee pot within arms reach in order to get through the day.

On top of my meetings, I've promised Robby that I would host a party at school this afternoon. After all, today is "International Talk Like a Pirate Day." The class party seemed like a great idea last week. With an hours sleep, a sore leg and a busy schedule, I'm having second thoughts. Of course, I don't want to disappoint Robby and his friends so I'll be putting on a pirate hat and proudly presenting the little buccaneers with a tray full of cupcakes. On the good side, my limp will go along with my pirate persona!

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