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Monday, September 17, 2012

A Sweaty Solution

An often unspoken issue for amputees who are working out is the sweaty limb. I'm not talking a little perspiration. I'm talking about copious amounts of liquid that pools at the bottom of the liner.
When I'm working out at a high intensity or if it is hot outside, I often have to stop my activity, sit down and remove my liner so that I can quite literally pour out the sweat. Not only is it inconvenient, it is absolutely disgusting! If I don't get rid of the liquid, my leg begins to piston within the liner, compromising my suspension and my ability to walk safely.

Spraying my limb with antiperspirant helped but did not completely resolve the issue. I have been complaining and looking for a solution since I became an amputee 9 years ago. I haven't found a remedy- until now!

When I was in Boston I discovered an antiperspirant spray manufactured by ALPS. Unlike what I have been using, this spray was designed to be used on the residual limb. Four times stronger than commercial antiperspirants, the manufacturer claims it to be powerful enough to tackle the sweatiest situation, including my leg!

Last week I started spraying down my limb before going to the gym. I was initially skeptical, but I was converted to a believer after my first workout. To my delight, my leg stayed dry within my liner while the rest of my body was dripping with sweat!

I was thrilled to discover the product, but frustrated to learn that it has been on the market for some time. I've been working at conferences for almost five years. During all of this time, why didn't I know about this spray? Again, I am left wondering what other solutions I don't know.

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