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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Counting Our Lucky Stars

Monday night felt like a nightmare. We heard howling winds, sounding like planes were flying above us, followed by the ominous cracking of wood. Every once in awhile the ground would shake, and we knew that another tree had fallen. It is a terribly vulnerable feeling trying to protect your family when you know that your safety is no longer in your control. It was one of the longest nights!

We were relieved when the winds finally calmed and our house was not damaged. Despite the sounds of falling trees, nothing hit our home. We finally fell asleep, comforted that we were safe yet dreaded what we would see when we awoke. 

When the sun finally came up and I gathered my courage to peek behind our curtains, I saw a large tree embedded into what had been my neighbor's kitchen. The tree looked like it just sliced through the roof with the ease of a knife through softened butter. Every direction provided another view of the aftermath of the storm.

Our neighbor on the opposite side lost three trees, one of which was lying in the center of what had been her porch. Root balls are now sticking up like large bushes throughout her previously manicured lawn. I was panicked when I saw a tree landing on the roof of the elderly lady's house at the end of our street. Although she frequently calls the police on us, the result of her dementia, I certainly didn't wish this damage upon her home. Thankfully I saw her walking in her front yard, so my panic about her being injured quickly faded.

Looking across the street we saw a large tree laying on Mr. Bill's shed. Thankfully it missed his prized, fully restored 1957  Chevy! I saw him standing in his driveway, in the cold rain, stunned and staring at the storm damage. I threw my raincoat on over my pajamas and went to talk with him.

Seeing me leave, Robby immediately threw on his cowboy boots and coat and came running after me. We had to maneuver around the large branches and sticks which were littering our yard, but thankfully all of our trees were standing. Walking outside, I began to appreciate the scope of work that was going to be necessary to restore order to our small neighborhood.

Robby, amazed by the sheer size of the downed trees, walked over to his friend and gave him a hug. "Mr. Bill, I am going to help you when the rain stops. I don't want you to worry because you have a lot of sticks that need to be picked up. I'm good at picking up sticks and I'm going to help you because we're friends and friends help each other out."  I was proud of my little guy for stepping up and instinctively offering to lend a hand simply because it was the right thing to do!

All of our neighbors sustained structural damage from the storm, yet we were spared. It's surreal seeing the massive destruction surrounding us while knowing that we had nothing more than debris. Robby's tree house didn't even lose a shingle! We have to contend with little more than a few fallen branches and a lot of leaves.  Surveying our neighborhood, it looks like our home was protected from the winds by an invisible shield.

The rain continued yesterday, thwarting any cleanup efforts. Instead, Robby and I turned our attention to what we do best: we baked treats for our neighbors. Scott and I both felt like we were in a daze, so grateful that we were spared the damage sustained by our neighbors. I can't help but believe that, for some reason, we were protected. I remain thankful that nobody was hurt and happy to be able to help our neighbors with their clean-up!

*Along a completely separate theme, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  My boys go trick-or-treating tonight... can't wait to post their costume pictures tomorrow.  *

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