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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween FUN

Yesterday was all about celebrating Halloween. I woke up early and surprised Robby with ghost and pumpkin shaped pancakes for breakfast. I even dyed his milk orange. Unfortunately he refused to drink the festive milk because he was somehow convinced it came from a pig, not a cow.  Lesson learned!

He was delighted that he was able to wear his Halloween costume to school. He looked like such a cute little paratrooper. Apparently I am not the only person to have found him particularly adorable. When we walked into his classroom, a little girl dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland looked up from her coloring, smiled broadly and said, "Well hello there, soldier." By the time I had hung his coat on the hook, he was being chased around the room by a line of girls all clad in various princess dresses. 

His school party was a rousing success. I fully solidified my role as "World's Best Room Mom." We had a costume parade, various arts and crafts, did a lively Monster Mash dance contest and made eyeball cake pops. Everybody had a blast, and Robby thanked me for being "the most awesomest Momom in the whole world." 

Keeping with our Halloween theme, I promised Robby "mutilated rats and ghost toots" for dinner. I spent two hours making and freezing mashed potatoes into silicone ghost molds and forming meatloaf into the shape of rats. Robby sat at the table, looked at the food (artfully decorated) and refused to eat. He declared that he would "never ever eat a rat or a ghost fart." We tried to convince him that it was a joke and that I had made meatloaf and mashed potatoes, but the damage was done. He had two rice krispie treats before dressing to go trick or treating.

This year Robby decided to go as a paratrooper army man. I was hoping that he would choose to be a Ghostbuster, but he was adamant in his decision. It wasn't my favorite Halloween costume for the boys, but I suppose that the years of picking his costume are long gone. Seeing Robby in fatigues made my heart sink, but his smile quickly dispersed any premonition Mommy fears I was experiencing. He was delighted with his costume, and the fact that his Daddy was also an army man made his night!

Finally, after nearly four months, Scott has found a good use for his scooter. He and Robby scooted around the neighborhood, trick-or-treating at more houses than ever before. They came home twice to empty their stash and Scooter bragged that Robby couldn't stop giggling between houses. 


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