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Monday, December 03, 2012

Sand Fun

Greetings from Florida! This morning we will embark on our much anticipated cruise. Although the vacation circumstances are not ideal, this is a working cruise for me and I'm injured, I have no doubt that we're going to have a blast. Work or not, when it is being completed aboard a luxury cruise ship, it is bound to be relaxing!

Robby has been giddy for the past few days. Saturday evening we arrived at our Florida hotel and after a long day of traveling, we were all exhausted. When we checked into the hotel we all immediately crashed for the night. Scott and I knew that the room had an ocean view, but since we checked in close to midnight, there was nothing to see.

Sunday morning I woke up to Robby squealing, "Hallelujah! It's a miracle. Momom, hurry up and look outside. It's a miracle because it is so beautiful." I instantly knew that he had "discovered" our room had a view. He couldn't wait to hit the beach and I knew it was going to be a good, albeit exhausting day.

I find little as frustrating as not being able to do something with my son because of my leg. The pain in my legs has been fluctuating between moderate to fully debilitating. It is omnipresent and exhausting. I didn't want my injury to interfere with Robby's beach adventure, but my first few steps of the morning let me know that I was going to be sidelined for the day.

With a lot of physical support, I managed to hobble down to the beach to take up residence on a lounge chair. Robby was so patient as he obediently waited for me to make my way to the sand. I know that he wanted to run and jump into the surf, but he never complained about my delaying his plans.  With me finally situated, the two boys took off to frolic in the waves, hunted for shells and dug in the sand. I could see their smiles across the beach and I knew that they were having a great time!

I felt torn, heartbroken because I physically couldn't play with him yet thoroughly enjoyed sitting back and watching him play with his Daddy. Had I not been hurt, I have no doubt the roles would have been reversed. Sand and surf is not Scott's forte and I know he would have preferred to observe. This was not an option, and Robby seemed to relish being with his Dad in the ocean.

This morning we board our cruise ship and set sail. I have begrudgingly accepted that my injury will continue to have a profound impact on my life for the next several weeks, possibly months. As much as I hate not being able to fully participate with Robby, I'm glad that he has a Daddy who will pick up the slack!

 Yes-- he wore his boots on the beach. He has water shoes, but insists that he is a "boot man." 

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