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Monday, January 07, 2013

Procrastination Kitchen

Since we moved into this house 8 years ago, there has been a lengthy "I need to fix" list that Scott and I occasionally ponder tackling. We mean well, but life intervenes and other priorities take precedent. I think when you live with something every day, the little imperfections that others view as odd simply become part of your normal routine and are easily overlooked for years In order to use our microwave oven, we had to open and shut the door quickly at least five times before pressing start. If we didn't open and close the door rapidly, or if we failed to do it for the required five cycles, the timer would simply count down without the appliance providing any microwave power. I stumbled upon the trick of five and, since it worked every time, we became used to the OCD like routine every time we wanted to heat something.

To guests in our home I'm sure it looked peculiar, but because the microwave continued to function with this idiosyncrasy, we never prioritized buying a new one. Last week our microwave passed away completely, forcing us to finally buy a replacement. Eager to use the shiny new appliance, Robby was the first one to put in a box of pizza rolls to give it a try. He excitedly put the box in the center of the microwave, pressed the keypad for 3 minutes, and- opened and closed the door five times. We actually had to explain to him that the new microwave will work without opening the door multiple times because the nonsensical routine was all he had known.

My Mom's refrigerator never closes correctly after the turkey is supported on the bottom shelf before Thanksgiving. From November through July, we have to kick the bottom of the refrigerator door in order for it to seal. Sometime in midsummer the shelf resumes its normal shape and the door does not need to be kicked to be closed. Of course, we are all so accustomed to kicking the door that we all do it anyway, regardless of the month. I'm sure when she finally does buy a new refrigerator, all of her grandchildren will continue to kick the door simply because that is what you do at Nana's house.

For the past four years I've had a large, ugly and completely broken slide-in range sitting in the corner of my kitchen. The only function of the range was to hold papers, potholders and all of the knickknacks that seem to accumulate in a kitchen. When the range broke, I immediately wanted to remove it and  and convert the space to a comfortable eat-in area.  Of course, life intervened and we never quite got around to it. Instead the range simply sat, collecting more junk and becoming an increasing eye sore.

A few months ago during one of my semi-regular coffee breaks with Mr. Bill, I mentioned wanting to get rid of the range. I explained that I have stools that have sat in the garage for years waiting to be used but that I need to get rid of the broken appliance first. He quietly listened and agreed that an eat-in space would be ideal in my kitchen. I vowed to call a junk removal company to get rid of the appliance so that I could finally have the kitchen that I've wanted.

Despite my good intentions, I never got around to calling. Mr. Bill asked me about the range when he stopped by on Friday, and I was embarrassed to admit that I still haven't made arrangements.  Deciding to take the bull by the horn, Saturday morning Mr. Bill showed up at our house with his hand truck and some ropes. Within 30 minutes, he and Scott removed the ugly old range, put it into his pick-up truck and drove it to the dump.

I was as excited as Robby on Christmas morning when the space was finally cleared. I spent the afternoon cleaning and rearranging. I not only had room for the stools, but the butcher block which only fit in the dining room because of the range now fits perfectly in the kitchen!

In one afternoon with the help of a wonderful neighbor and friend, we were able to create the kitchen I have always wanted. Robby has already claimed a stool as his own and loves sitting at the counter reading while I cook. I can't believe it took us four years to finally get rid of the broken appliance and build a functional and comfortable kitchen.

We really need to stop procrastinating. I think I'll make a list of everything that we should be doing while I sit in the new and improved kitchen. By the time Robby goes to college we might actually be unpacked from our move into this house!

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