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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Return to Normal

Robby's recovery from Dengue Fever has been steady and strong. Although he is not where we would like him to be (he continues to fatigue quickly and has difficulty concentrating), he improving at an impressive pace. Last night Robby achieved yet another health milestone in his march back toward wellness.

After much contemplation about his strength and endurance, Scott and I agreed that Robby could resume ice skating lessons. He has been chomping at the bit to skate since his fever broke. Waiting has been difficult for him, but last night his patience finally paid off. We bundled him up and took him to the rink.

Scott was nervous about his falling. I was apprehensive about the activity sapping his strength and causing a setback. Robby's only care was making sure we arrived early so that he could have maximum ice time. I guess we need to take a cue from the six year old and learn to relax!

Wearing his snowsuit and sporting his new skates, he was grinning ear to ear as he stepped onto the ice.  Robby had a blast skating and his giggles were heard across the rink. Dutiful parents, Scott and I hovered at the edge, shivering in the cold and ready to leap on the ice at the first sign of a struggle or fatigue.

It turns out that Robby only needed us to help him take off his skates, drive him home and carry him into the house as he fell asleep during the 10 minute drive. Skating certainly tuckered him out, but he was able to fully participate in the lesson. Last week he would not have been able to skate for the entire time, so I have no doubt that his strength is returning.

After being so ill, I'm struck by how difficult it is letting Robby resume his normal activities. I feel like a mother bird, hovering and trying to protect her injured little chick. Although I'm delighted that Robby is getting better and doesn't need me as much, letting him return to his "pre-Dengue" life is scary for me. I worry about him overdoing it, becoming worn out and susceptible to other maladies. I'll try to tame the urge, but this Momom bird wants to hover and to protect. Who would have thought it would be this hard letting him resume his activities!

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