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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Adjustment Issues...

During the past few days, I have been reminded of the fragility of my comfort level. Between the carbon fiber socket, the spacers and the foot component, I am reliant upon a lot of manufactured parts. When something is not set up in what I dub "the sweet zone," my gait, the length of time I'm able to wear my leg, and my comfort are all compromised.

Getting a new leg always produces a mixture of emotions. While I'm excited about being able to sport new components and a snazzy new chromed socket, I also dread the inevitable and frequent trips to my prosthetist's office for minuscule adjustments. No matter how comfortable the leg feels at the first fitting, I always end up requesting minor changes as I search for ideal comfort. In my quest for the sweet zone, I have learned to carry a light schedule the two weeks following the delivery of my new prosthesis. 

My new leg felt great when I received it last Friday. True to form, I began to notice small discomforts as I continued to wear it. By Monday I was back in Elliot's office getting an adjustment. Although it initially felt better, I suspect that the tweak made the situation worse. By Tuesday I was hobbling and Wednesday morning I was back in his office, hoping that he could work some wrench magic.

After nearly an hour of trial and error, which included creating and adding handcrafted wedges, the fit was perfect. I walked out of the office feeling like my prosthesis was a natural extension of my leg. The absence of pain is a wonderful feeling!

While my leg is perfect right now, I won't be surprised if it will need another tweak (or two). My prosthesis is something that I depend upon everyday, and although I may be considered picky, I refuse to wear something that causes pain. When it comes to my mobility, I am not willing to settle.

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