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Friday, March 01, 2013

Communication Issues

Yet again I have been reminded that the statement "I want your honest opinion" should not be taken literally. Instead, perhaps it would be more realistic to begin the conversation by saying something like, "I  want you only to agree with me. If you have any other opinions, please keep them to yourself and simply tell me that I'm wonderful." Although the statement goes against social convention, it would certainly provide an more honest key to the conversation!

I hate hurting somebody's feelings. Knowing that my words or actions have caused distress in somebody instantly fills me with remorse and guilt. Because I hate having negative emotions, I try to avoid possible conflicts at all costs.

A few days ago I was asked for my honest opinion about a scenario posed by a friend. Largely in part of the request for honesty, I provided my perspective. Evidently my position clashed with her views because I was summarily dismissed and the friendship was severed.

I try to temper my words, but I become frustrated when an individual has an extreme response simply because a differing view has been voiced. Please don't ask for my honest opinion if you don't want to hear what I have to say. I become both disheartened and angry when my words cause pain. 

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