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Thursday, February 21, 2013


I try to keep my work appointments scheduled during the time that Robby is in school. I love the afternoon time that we have together, after I pick him up from school and before the evening becomes hectic with dinner, homework and bath time. These few hours have become "our time" where we play games, read books, sing songs or just talk. Although I try to avoid it, twice a week I have a late afternoon appointment so Robby spends the afternoon entertaining his Daddy.

Typically the boys play XBox, build with Legos or watch videos while I'm working. Yesterday I came home from work and, to my chagrin, the two were cuddled on the couch watching Ghost Hunters. I watched for a few minutes but switched the channel as soon as I saw Robby begin to cower, explaining that the show was too scary. I stood firm against the protests of both which promptly ended their paranormal seeking adventure.

Scott followed me to the kitchen, accusing me of overreacting. I reminded him that Robby is only six and prone to nightmares. The last thing we need is for him to be up all night because of a television show about ghosts! He finally acquiesced that Robby might be too young for the show and I agreed that, despite his young age, he did seem to be enjoying it.

We spent the rest of the evening trying to divert Robby's attentions from ghosts and Big Foot (evidently the pair had watched "Finding Big Foot" before I walked in on Ghost Hunters).  Tucking him into his race car bed, I was optimistic that we had put all thoughts of the paranormal out of his mind and was hopeful that he would sleep without a nightmare. As soon as I turned off the light he whispered, "You know Momom, there are no ghosts but I know that Big Foot is the real deal."  So much for having him forget the television shows!

To my delight Robby did not have any nightmares. Unfortunately, I woke up at 4 AM because I heard something move. I opened my eyes and I swear I saw an opaque form, the size of a child, wearing a Yoda mask staring at me. I screamed so loud that Scott probably jumped three feet straight up in bed. By the time he got his glasses on the scary little Yoda was gone. I was so startled that I couldn't go back to sleep. 

Apparently, I overreacted and Ghost Hunters does not cause Robby to have nightmares. However, simply referencing the show will cause me to wake up terrorized in the middle of the night by a Star Wars themed apparition.  Either way, the show and all talk of the paranormal is banned in this house! I'm too old for that kind of a startle!

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  1. We watch Ghost Hunters every week, granted my boys are 14 and 16 and don't have nightmares about it but we love that show.

    I also am very guilty of watching Finding Bigfoot. I find it funny but interesting at the same time. Who knows what is out there. My boys tolerate it but find it stupid. LOL

    It's feeling a little squatchy in these woods. :)