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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


In the past, a prosthetist would evaluate the patient and determine which device was appropriate. The prosthesis would be built and the patient would be fitted without the opportunity to make key decisions.  In essence, the amputee had little or no involvement in the choosing of their own prosthetic components. Thanks largely to the internet, this trend is changing and patients are demanding information to become key players in their own prosthetic care.

The ability to research options and to seek the input and experience from other amputees is revolutionizing prosthetic care. Unfortunately, research into prosthetic options is not as simple as a quick Google search. Prosthetic manufacturers have been slow to recognize the power that amputees are beginning with wield when it comes to leading their prosthetic team. The majority of the manufacturer websites have been designed for the practitioner with the research needs of the patient an afterthought. The sites are often littered with jargon and specifications that makes deciphering and breaking down the options an arduous and frustrating task.

More than any time in history, amputees are embracing the prosthetic process and demanding devices that will work with them in achieving their goals instead of settling for a limiting device simply because it was "offered."  For new amputees, the process can be daunting and intimidating.  As amputees are becoming more proactive and empowered about their choice in components, I have long wished that a resource existed that provides user-friendly descriptions while allowing the opportunity to provide real life feedback from the user.

I was utterly delighted when I was introduced to limb-loss.org, an emerging website in our community. This is the only place I am aware of which allows amputees to openly review and rate their components. The site is constantly being improved with new features, but it looks like a promising resource! Take a look at the site and let me know your thoughts.

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  1. Limb/Loss- I liked the site and I will be using it a lot. I'm a AK going on 2yrs now and about 3yrs before that trying to save it all due to complications from a knee replacement. I never realized the help that was avalable online. Not one Dr (there was a lot of them to),not even my Prosthetist. I looked up Amputtes on internet just to see what would happen. And here I am, no thanks to the professionals....So Thanks