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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

He Passed!

Robby has been struggling with his self-esteem ever since his Dengue experience. Being sick for an extended period of time zapped his strength, both cognitively and physically. The struggle to catch up with his peers has taken its toll on my little guy. Robby blames the mosquito for his tiring quickly and being lapped by his friends on the playground, and I know that the perceived weakness bothers him.

Scott and I have been trying to buoy Robby's perspective by focusing on all of the strides that he has made since he became ill. Seeing his faltering self-esteem is difficult because he used to be so positive and self-assured. I am hoping that soon we'll be able to look back on this time as a phase and that his normal outgoing personality will resurface. I have missed my confident and happy little boy!

A few nights ago Robby achieved a goal that was hard fought and well-deserved.  He has been working towards moving into the next level in his ice skating class since November. While his classmates are often picking at the ice with their skates or running into the walls, Robby has been attentive and dedicated to mastering the requisite skills. After a lot of practice and work, he finally graduated his ice skating class!

He was beaming as he skated off the ice proudly holding his certificate of graduation. I haven't seen him exhibit that amount of pride for so long that I almost cried when he announced that he passed. He has been trying so hard and being successful and moving to the next level provided him with a much needed affirmation.

Robby was so excited about passing that he insisted on visiting Mr. Bill to share the news as soon as we came home from the rink. He talked all night about how hard he practiced and that he did it because he worked hard. For the first time in months, he admitted that he was good at something! He was so proud of his accomplishment that he slept with his certificate and took it to school to show his teacher and his friends.

I was elated to see Robby so proud of his accomplishment. I am hoping that this achievement will boost his spirits and will help keep the Dengue weakness in perspective. I know that he is going to be fine, but for the first time I think he is beginning to believe me!

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