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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Information Overload

My mind has been racing ever since I received the news that I have been matched to provide a bone marrow donation. While I am excited to be able to make a concrete difference, I have to admit that I am now becoming nervous. While I worry about the side effects of the medication, most of my fretting is focused on the recipient. I want this transplant to be successful. I know it is illogical but I can't help but feel responsible if the donated marrow does not work.

Yesterday I met with a donation coordinator and the physician who will oversee my case when I  passed the physical. The green light was given and I will begin the daily injections on Monday with the harvesting of the cells scheduled for Friday afternoon. Until then, I am going to do my best to produce the strongest cells possible!

Robby has been hearing bits and pieces of our conversations about the donation, and we knew that we needed to talk with him. I don't want him to be scared by the side effects that I could experience next week, but it is important that he understand why I am sick. Scott and I huddled and came up with a game plan on how to explain everything to Robby. Last night after dinner we sat Robby down and we began our well-rehearsed speech. I stressed the importance of helping others even if you don't know them.  Scott took the lead in explaining the process of the donation. We both tried to convey that I might not feel well for the next few weeks, but that I'll be better soon and that it is important to help somebody else even if it isn't convenient.

After ten minutes of thoroughly saturating Robby with information, we ended our conversation by asking if he had any question.  "Yes Momom, I have one question. Can I go play with my Legos now?" We either did a great job explaining bone marrow donation or we overwhelmed him with too much information. I lean towards our being over-zealous.  Again.

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