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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Best Buy With Mr. Bill

Yesterday morning I woke up early with every intention of tackling the looming report. Instead of working, I ended up writing my blog, drinking countless cups of coffee, and watching The Biggest Loser. While I'm not typically a procrastinator, this project provides the perfect excuse to start.

Frustrated by my lack of progress before Robby woke up, I was optimistic that I would knock out many of the required sections after I dropped Robby off at school. As I was pulling out of the driveway, Mr. Bill waved me down. He does so much for our family that when he asked me for a favor, I simply couldn't say no. My "work all morning and write until I drop" plans were pushed aside (again) so that I could take Mr. Bill computer shopping.

Mr. Bill has been talking about getting a computer for several years, and he was finally ready to move forward with his plans. I suspect that the dreary weather which has kept him inside has spurred his home computing needs. He gets so bored (and depressed) when he isn't outside working. I've never met anybody who feels the need to be busy all the time!

After dropping Robby at school, I picked up Mr. Bill and we headed to Best Buy. He is knowledgeable in so many areas, but technology is not one of them! I know I cracked a smile when he mentioned that he just wanted to be able to send an electronic mail (e-mail) and get onto "the Google" to look up his Civil War artifacts. 

As soon as we walked into the store we were surrounded by eager 20-something salesmen, all vying for our attention. At one point I stepped in front of Mr. Bill as he was being led towards high powered laptop systems while being inundated with chatter about processing speeds, memory and solid state hard drives. Normally so confident, he suddenly looked like a little deer in the middle of the road. I led him towards the bundled computer packages which would provide more than enough power for his needs, essentially blocking the salesmen with my body language and glares.

Although he asked questions about the system I suggested, I suspect that his inquiries were simply obligatory. Knowing nothing about computer systems or the internet, he was as out of his comfort zone as I am when he takes me go to Lowes. In a friendship which at times seems uneven, with me frequently soliciting his input and expertise, it was nice to be the "expert" for once.

He trusted my recommendation and we made the purchase. He was grinning with an excitement reminiscent of Robby on Christmas morning as we drove home. An admitted novice, it is my job to set up the computer, secure him an email account, and teach him how to get on "the Google." Who knows, he might actually start reading this blog!

Unfortunately I spent my scheduled report writing time at Best Buy so I am falling behind schedule. I'm hoping tomorrow to wake up early and knock out some sections, because I suspect that my afternoon will be occupied as I move Mr. Bill into the computer age. Wish me luck on all accounts.

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