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Friday, March 22, 2013


Because of the issues with socket fit, I haven't been able to wear my new "screw 'em" leg. I'm disappointed that I won't be able to wear my chromed socket again because I felt both comfortable and confident when donning it. Although the bling on the socket is the most noticeable, the genius of my new leg lies squarely with the foot that I chose. Thankfully I won't lose the foot when a new socket is built!

Between my work with my prosthetist and my relationship with Ossur, I have been afforded the opportunity to walk a lot of prosthetic feet. Although I have a amicable relationship with Ossur, I don't limit my prosthetic choices to one manufacturer. After all, I will be walking on and relying upon the device on a daily basis. I refuse to compromise on my prosthetic. I cannot be swayed away from function simply because I am called occasionally and invited to a conference. I will always pick the components that work the best for me, regardless of whose label is affixed to the bottom!

When I began the process of designing my new high activity prosthesis, I tried a variety of components. I was surprised by how comfortable I felt walking with many of the feet. Although most were good, one immediately became my first and only preference. I was not surprised when I realized that I had picked the new XC foot by Ossur.

I have walked dozens of feet since becoming an amputee 10 years ago. I can honestly say that the XC is the most responsive and the most  intuitive non-bionic foot I have ever walked. I find it comfortable, lightweight with a roll-over that feels natural. Wearing my new prosthesis is reminiscent of my biological leg because the flexion provided through the unique shape of the ankle provides increased energy return for the next step. Simply put, this foot makes walking easy!

Before the socket sidelined my activities I was busy putting my new foot through its paces. From moving wood to running in the park with Robby, I have no complaints. I realize that components are an individual choice. What works for one amputee may feel awkward and uncomfortable to another, but if you are in the market for a higher activity leg, the XC is worth a try!

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