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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Snow Day!

Judging by Robby's reaction, there is nothing better than waking up to discover that the yard has been covered with a thick blanket of heavy snow. He only stopped giggling long enough to hear what he proclaimed to be the best news ever- school has been cancelled for the day. He quickly declared a "Robby, Momom and Daddy day of fun" and requested a breakfast to fill his belly and give him energy for playing in the snow. He suggested a Hot Pocket, bacon and cinnamon rolls.  No wanting to squelch his enthusiasm, I acquiesced and prepared the unorthodox breakfast.

After wolfing down his food in record time, we dressed to conquer the snow and were sledding and throwing snowballs by 8:30 in the morning! Robby's peals of laughter echoed through the otherwise quiet neighborhood. It was a fun (and utterly exhausting) morning.

The snow was several inches deep and extremely heavy making walking and running difficult. Robby didn't seem to have any trouble, but I certainly struggled during our snowball fights. I found myself suggesting we make snow angels simply because I wanted to lie down and rest! After two hours and only when we were both sopping wet and freezing cold was Robby ready to come inside. The warmth and rest was a welcome relief.

We warmed up by the fire and ate lunch. Heeding the advice of our electric company, Scott and I prepared for a power outage. He brought in loads of wood and I baked cookies, brownies, cupcakes and a loaf of bread. After all, if we were going to lose power, we might as well be well-fed!

After baking and resting for a few hours, Robby and I headed back outside. I venture to guess that I pulled his sled up our hill at least 50 times! He seemed to be having so much fun whizzing down the hill that I decided to give it a try.

Now I realize that many of my stories begin with my prefacing "in retrospect, perhaps it wasn't my wisest decision." I will save the repetition by fully admitting that perhaps I am becoming too old to navigate a child-sized sled. After boasting that I was going to "school him in the ways of sledding" I straddled the small rails and plopped my ample bum on the extremely small seat. Trying to adjust my weight distribution, I momentarily lifted my legs from the snow.

Without warning the sled began zooming down the hill.  With Robby running behind me and cheering me on, I found myself barreling towards the tree house. Wanting to avoid a direct impact which would inevitably would have led to pain, I opted to bail. With only seconds remaining, I pushed my body to the right in an attempt to jump off the wild sled ride. My prosthesis became hooked onto the sled, causing it to tip over on top of me. I rolled several times before finding myself face planted into a pile of snow and dirt inches from the tree house post. 

Thankfully the only thing I really hurt was my pride. Robby congratulated me on my attempt but claimed that he was the best sledder in the family. I think he may be right. Perhaps it is time for me to pass the sledding torch to the next generation because I'm not sure I will emerge unscathed next time! I resumed my rightful place as sled puller, snow ball maker, and honorary target for the rest of the afternoon.

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