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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Short Stares

After being kept inside by working on the colossal report, I have been trying to spend every spare moment outside. On Monday I spent the afternoon clearing the woods of the brier bushes and various thorn protrusions. Yesterday I spent the morning planting 200 sunflower seeds along the perimeter of our property. I can't wait for them to start growing and blooming! Assuming I planted them correctly, it should be gorgeous in a few months.

Working outside coupled with the rising temperatures, I've transitioned my wardrobe into summer. I still have my jeans handy, but they are on a shelf in my closet and their space in my drawer has been taken over by shorts.

The first few days of wearing shorts is always disconcerting. I become accustomed to blending into the crowd during the autumn and winter. Nobody can tell I'm an amputee when I'm wearing jeans, and I rarely garner the second glances and hushed comments.

Now that I'm sporting shorts, the stares and comments have resumed. I realize it is normal for people to look at anything that is unusual, but sometimes being the recipient becomes disorienting. I am so comfortable wearing my prosthesis that sometimes I forget that it isn't a normal part of everybody's life. The second glances, the nudges between friends and the gawking from the teenagers reminds me that, although I feel normal, I am indeed different.

I know in a few days I will adjust to the reactions of onlookers. By the end of a week (or maybe two) I will be completely oblivious to the attention. Until then, I just need to keep holding my head high and doing my thing. I love everything about spring except for this transition (and my allergies).

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  1. I empathize with you regarding this, Ms. Chenoweth. I noticed that my prosthesis attracted stares while strolling at a town center yesterday. Perhaps the test socket that I was wearing drew more attention than a carbon fiber socket. Anyway, people are weird in the suburbs.

    Be safe!