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Thursday, April 25, 2013


Since Sunday I haven't been able to escape my thoughts about the lady whom I discovered lying naked in front of her door. While I knew that something was askew, I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out what happened. I have been nervous walking down her cul-de-sac since the incident, apprehensive that I would have raised the ire of the neighbors by calling 911 while anxious to discover any information about her and her unborn baby. 

Yesterday afternoon as I was walking by her house, I saw the door swing open and an elderly man came quickly towards me. He screamed, "Are you the one-legged walker who called 911 on Sunday?" I refrained from any smart aleck remarks and just said yes. Before I realized it, I heard myself launch into a long winded apology about causing a disruption.

He interrupted me by giving me a hug. I learned that the lady has no recollection of Sunday and is perplexed as to how she ended up naked on her front stoop. When the paramedics finally got her to the hospital she was semi-conscious and she was in the throes of a gestational diabetic episode. Her organs were beginning to fail under the stress, but the medical team acted quickly. A C-Section was performed and a healthy (albeit premature) baby boy was delivered.  The new Mom is resting, regaining her strength and her systems are beginning to normalize.

I was so elated to hear that this story had a happy ending that I practically skipped home. I'm so thankful that I happened to be walking by her house and that her dog signaled me to look towards the house. I have no doubt that her canine friend played a large part in saving her life (and her baby's life as well!)

I am looking forward to meeting her and her young son. It'll be nice to know her name so I can stop referring to her as "the pregnant naked lady." I know that she is embarrassed by the incident, but I'm hopeful that a hug and a plate of chocolate chip cookies will help make our formal meeting more comfortable. I am so grateful that the outcome is positive. If I hadn't been walking by or had I not looked up, the situation could have become tragic. I guess now I'm glad I didn't stay on my couch eating cupcakes all day!

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